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Summer is a beautiful season with various booming flowers at Kham.

Summer Kham Travel

---Flower Seas and Folk Custom

Summer is a beautiful season with various booming flowers at Kham. Wild flowers in different colors look like a rug on the limitless grassland. Green grasses, blue sky, white clouds, make you feel the natural beauties at kham area. Local Tibetan nomads in folk clothes hold formal festivals on the grasslands, for example horse racing, love song singing competition, clothes fashion show and other trade festival.


Day 1: Chengdu Hotel
On arrival of Chengdu by air, transfer to hotel, have a look of the camping vehicle we will use in this tour. Under the guide, shopping for your favorite food and other necessities.

Day 2: Chengdu / Wenchuan / Taoping Qiang village Camping car
Setting off on the morning, along Cheng Guan high way, we arrive at Dujiangyan in 50km driving, which is a great irrigation project honoured as world culture heritage. Along Min River, there is a big scale water power station. Passing by Yinxiu, wenchuan, along Gunao River, we come to Taoping Qiang Village, which is named as the living fossil of Qiang People’s culture, visiting local Qiang people’s house.
Mileage: Chengdu / Dujiangyan 50km / Wenchaun 66km / Taoping Qiang Village 30km
Mileages in all: 146km
Approximate time on the road: 4 hours

Day 3: Taoping Qiang Village / Hong Yuan Camping car
Passing by Guer Gou, we get into Miyaluo red leaves beauty spots. Through the channel at Zhegu Mountain, we arrive at limitless red grasslands to feel seas of wild flowers. Visit beautiful Moon Bay at the side of Bai River and local nomad’s house.
Mileage: Taoping Qiang Village / Miayluo 100km / Zhegu mountain 63km / Hong yuan 120 km / Tangke 75km
Mileages in all: 358km
Time on the road: about 8 hours

Day 4: Hongyuan / Aba County Camping car
Setting off on the morning, we arrive in the first turn of Yellow River to feel its beauties of wandering river. Deep into grasslands, we arrive at the pasture to feel local nomads singing beautiful songs while appreciating beautiful flowers. Passing by hometown of black neck crane, except for visiting the beautiful cranes, we can see other rare animals at Manzhatang Wet land reservation. Visit GerDeng Temple at Aba County!
Mileage: Hongyuan/ Tagnke 75km / jailuo 63km / maierma 81km / aba 33km / aba
Mileages in all: 252km
Time on the road: 6 hours

Day 5: Aba county / Markang Hotel
Passing by Shuajin Temple toward Markang, we will visit Zhuo Ke Ji Guan Zhai, which represent with the administration of local Tibetan officials. Over years there are many movies about Tibetan history and their lives pictured at there. Markang was built at recent years. We can have a stop for shopping of food and fruits.
Mileage: Aba / Longri Ba 108km / Zhuo keji 140 km / Markang 10km
Mileages in all: 258 km
Time on the road: 6 hours

Day 6: Markang / Jin Chuan Camping car
On arrival of Dadu River canyon, see the unique mountains and rocks, and Tibetan watch towers. Along the river, we come to Danba County to visit the very famous Jia Ju Tibetan village. At there we can not only see beautiful and natural spots, but also local citizens will invite us to have lunch at their house to feel their good life. At night we can dance with local Tibetan girls round the fire and taste the roasted sheep and Qingke Alcohol.
Mileage: Markang / Jin Chuan 93km / Danba Jia Ju Tibetan village 100km /
Mileages in all: 193 km
Time on the road: 5 hours

Day 7: Jia ju Tibetan village / Bamei / Longdeng Grasslands Camping car
Passing by Danba County, we go to visit Suo Po ancient watch towers. En route there is the holy mountain Yala Mountain, snows covered the top of the mountain days and years. Then we get in the Gedaliangzi Mountain more than 4000 meters above sea level. Visit Huiyuan Temple located in the basin. Longdeng grasslands are very beautiful when wild flowers boom.
Vehicle: Camping Car
Mileage: Jia ju Tibetan village/ Danba 10 km / Bamei 83km/ Longdeng Grasslands 29 km
Mileages in all: 122 km
Time on the road: 3 hours

D8: Longdeng grasslands / Kangding Camping car
Setting off on the morning, visit the stone forests, over mountains, we arrive at Tagong Grasslands to visit the Tagong temple. Then passing by the paradise of photographer Xindu Qiao , over Zheduo Mountain 4290 meters above sea level, we arrive at Kangding county.
Vehicle: Camping Car
Mileage: Longdeng grasslands / Bamei 29 km/ Tagong 30 km / Xinduqiao 33km / Kagnding 80km
Mileages in all: 172km
Time on the road: 4 hours

Day 9 : Kangding / Chengdu Hotel
Along Zheduo River, we arrive at Dadu riverside. Passing by Luding County, we visit the iron rope bridge which recorded the history of brave red army. Then over Erlang Mountain, we come to Ya’an city, at there we can taste local fishes. We come back Chengdu, and taste yaoshan (the food which cooked with many Chinese medicine), visit Jinli street.
Vehicle: Camping Car
Mileage: Kangding / Luding 50km / Ya’an 160 km / Chengdu 140km
Mileages in all: 350km
Time on the road: 7 hours

Day10: Leave Chengdu
Happy Trip ends.

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Tibet -- The Roof of the World

Motorcycle Tour

-17 °C

Motorcycle Tour--

Tibet -- The Roof of the World

Less than half of the world's Tibetans reside in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), whose boundaries were established in 1965. Tibetans form the majority in large regions of neighboring Nepal, India, Sikkim, and Bhutan, as well as in the adjacent provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, and Yunnan. Disagreement over where Tibet begins and ends is an ongoing stumbling block in negotiations between the Tibetan government-in-exile, based in Dharamsala (in India), and the Chinese government.

D1: Arrive at Chengdu
Arrival at Chengdu airport, guide will meet clients at the airport, and transfer to the hotel. Then have a city tour, visit the old style street – Jinli, taste the Sichuan snacks and watch Sichuan Opera – Changing Face.

D2-3: Chengdu / Lhasa
In the morning pay a visit to Dufu Thatched Cottage and The shrine of Marquis Wu, after lunch, go to visit Wenshufang. Then go to take the train to Lhasa after supper.
Travel on the railway—ride across the Tibet plateau to Lhasa.

D4: Lhasa
We explore Lhasa, heart and soul of Tibet. Take it easy so you can get accustomed to the altitude. In the afternoon we do our drivers license test to get the Chinese drivers license, required to ride a bike in China.

D5: Lhasa / Ganden Monastery / Drepung Monastery / Sera Monastery / Lhasa
Again we board our motorcycles this time to visit Ganden Monastery located high above Lhasa valley some 60km from the capitol. The Gelugpa(yellow hat) of Tibetan Buddhism has its origin here. Almost devastated by the infamous red guards during the Cultural Revolution, it is being rebuilt now. We although visit Sera and Drepung monasteries on the outskirts of Lhasa.

D6: Lhasa / Tsetang
Today’s excursion takes us into Yarlung valley, the cradle of the Tibetan people. Yumbulakang castle is considered the oldest buildingin Tibet. Perched on a crag like a fortress it offers great views of the valley. Our first leisurely ride for around 40km to a ferry-crossing at Tsangpo-river. We cross the river and ride again a few kilometers before reaching Samye monastery. We visit Tibet’s oldest monastery and the seat of the red hat school of Buddhism, founded by Guru Padmasahmbava. Afterwards back to the hotel. Besides getting first glimpses of Tibet and its culture the first day, it can also help us to acclimatize to the altitude before moving even higher up.

D7: Lhasa / Gyantse
Today will be the first long haul on the bikes. After crossing the Brahmaputra river we cross Kamba La (4794m) and the Karo La(5010m) which is flanked by mountains that reach up above 7000m. We follow the shoreline of holy Yamdrok-Tso Lake before we reach Gyantse, in the 15th centure capital of a small kingdom.

D8: Gyantse / Shigatse
Before heading for Shigatse today we visit. Pelkor Chode Monastery, it was the trade center of British and India, and the Kumbum Chorten, the only walk able Stupa in Tibet. Later on a short ride, arrive at Shigatse. Have a look around Thashilunpo Monastery and the old city but there will be more time to explore it on our way back.

D9: Shigatse / Shegar
Moving closer to the Himalayas and cross the Gyatso-la, with its 5220m the highest point on our tour. In Shegar, spend the night in a very basic hotel before reaching the Everest Base Camp.

D10: Shegar / Rongphu Monastery / Everest Base Camp / Rongphu
In many ways a highlight on this tour. After leaving Shegar, riding to Pang La (5120m) and weather condition permitted have enjoy a great panoramic view of the Himalayas. Mt. Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu and Lhotse can be admired from here. After moving down to Tashigang we have trade our bike for an “ecological” bus, and drive up to Rongbuk monastery, at around 4980m the highest located monastery in the world, and we will spend the night there and today or tomorrow morning, we will visit the Everest Base Camp.

D11: Rongphu Monastery / Tingri
Get up early in the morning dress up warm, board a horse cart and off, go to the foot of the world highest mountain. Enjoy the sunrise and a small breakfast up there. After taking a few pictures, go on moving back down to the hotel, and further on to Tahigang. Here we start our bikes again and move on back to Shegar again.

D12: Shegar / Shigatse
Ride back to Shigatse via Lhatse. Relaxed cruising for most of the part.

D13: Shigatse
Beautiful Thashilunpo monastery founded 1447 and covered by golden roofs, the biggest Buddha stature in Tibet, built by using 11 tons of copper and plated with 230kg of gold is on our itinerary today. One of the few monasteries that remained untouched during the Cultural Revolution is the home of the Panchen Lama, 2nd in the hierarchy of religious leaders after the Dalai Lama. A walk along the “kora” the pilgrim path around the monastery takes us to the old town and the colorful market and provides a good view of old castle hill.

D14: Shigatse / Lhasa
Take the northern route back to Lhasa. A first long day on the road before we say goodbye to our bikes.

D15-17: Lhasa
Since we are acclimatized now, we climb up the stairs leading into and trough the Potala Palace. Abandoned home of the Dalai Lama and UNESCO world heritage by now. Bakhor circuit, the fascinating pilgrim circuit around the Jorkhang Temple, the spiritual heart of Tibet, makes you stand in awe. Just watch the pilgrims and get a feel for thire deep rooted spirituality.
And then a farewell dinner with Tibetan music and dance in the restraunt.

D18: Leave Lhasa
Happy trip ends.

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