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Kham Bicycle Tour

Kham Bicycle Tour

D1: Arrive at Chengdu (S) Wenjun Mansion Hotel***

Arrive at Chengdu, guide will meet clients at the airport, and transfer to hotel by our special use bus. Then have an instruction meeting and do preparation for the travel. In dinner, have a taste the flavor Chengdu snacks, watch Sichuan Opear – Face Changing.

D2: Chengdu / Emei (B/L/S) Mt. Emei Jingding Hotel***

Set off from hotel by tour bus, driving towards the south about 50km, pay a visit to Huanglongxi Ancient Town. Then drive to Mt. Emei, have lunch in Emeishan City, after lunch, drive to Mt. Emei beauty spot, and change to take the sightseeing bus in the beauty spot to Leidongping, it takes about 2 hours. And walk to Jieyindian, after about half an hour, arrive at the cable way leading to the Golden Summit, after arriving at Golden Summit, go to visit Huazang Temple and the beautiful scenery around it. Overnight in Mt. Emei Jinding Hotel.

D3: Emei / Leshan / Ya’an (B/L/S) Yudu Hotel***

Getting up early in the morning, go to the scenery-viewing platform to see the sunrise. Then after breakfast, take the cable way back to Jieyindian, and take the sightseeing bus back to the foot of Mt. Emei. Then change to take the tour bus, driving ahead to Leshan, and take boat to admire the Leshan Buddha. In lunch, have a taste of the famous local food – Bean curd Meal. After lunch, drive to Jiajiang, and start cycling, riding along the Caoyu Beach of Qingyi River, via Hongya, get to Ya’an, check into Yudu Hotel.

D4: Ya’an / Tianquan / Luding (B/L/S) Luding Bridge Hotel***

Set off in the morning, cycling along Qingyi River for about 30km, get to Tianquan, have lunch. After lunch, go on riding, get to the food of Mt. Erlang. Then take the tour bus to drive over Mt. Erlang, after passing the Mt. Erlang tunnel about 4.7km long, get to the scenery-viewing platform. It all depends on the clients’ health condition that whether ride to Luding downward direction. During riding, admire the beautiful scenery of the snow mountain and the river valley.

D5: Luding / Kangding (B/L/S) Gesar Hotel****

Set off after breakfast, riding through Luding County, go to visit the famous Luding Iron Bridge, then riding along Dadu River, admire the beautiful scenery of river valley. Then after arriving at Wasigou, leaving Dadu River, get into Zheduo River Valley, then riding toward Kangding.

D6: Kangding / Xinduqiao / Bamei (B/L/S) Golden Sun Hotel

Driving toward Mt. Zheduo, which is 32km away from Kangding. During driving, admire the grand snow mountain. Mt. Zheduo is the second step of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. After getting to the hill top of 4298m elevation, clients can ride downwards to the foot of Mt. Zheduo. Then take the tour bus get to Xinduqiao, when arrive at the pinewood forest, start cycling, via Tagong, pay a visit to Tagong Temple and Tagong Grassland, and admire the grand Yala Holly Mountain. Then cross over a small hill, arrive at Bamei. Overnight in Golden Sun Hotel.

D7: Bamei / Danba (B/L/S) Jiaju Tibetan Stockaded Village

Set off after breakfast, riding through the rural countryside, start riding upward the mountain, get through the golden birch forests, get to the top of Gedaliangzi Mountain, then riding downward the mountain, admire the Yala Snow Mountain. Then ride along the Yak River, get into the river valley which is called the natural miniascape, then arrive at Danba. And go ahead to Jiaju Tibetan Stockaded Village, which sits on the hill side, by tour bus.

D8: Danba (B/L/S) JiaJu Tibetan Stockaded Village

In the morning, take tour bus to Suopo Ancient Towers which is 6km away from Danba County. Then back to Danba County, free time. After lunch, back to Jiaju Tibetan Stockaded Village, free to visit Tibetan houses, feel the Tibetan traditional custom.

D9: Danba / Rilong (B/L/S) Jinkun Hotel****

Leave the Tibetan Village by cycling, via Danba County, ride along Xiaojin River Valley to Rilong, admire the beautiful landscape of Xiaojin River Valley, and Xiaojin is called the fruits’ village, it is famous for its apple and pear. Every August, there are many fruits on the tree, you can feel another rural scenery. We can pay a visit to those old stone towers and iron bridge on the way. Then arrive at Rilong.

D10: Rilong / Baoxing (B/L/S) Jiajinshan Hotel**

Passing by Dawei Bridge by tour bus, then cycling upward to Mt. Jiajin, it all depends on clients’ health condition that how long they can ride, then change to take the tour bus, drive over Mt. Jiajin, admire the beautiful snow mountain, and drive downward to the forest, and clients can start cycling from here. Via Raoji County, along Qingyi River, admire the scenery of the Giant Panda Reserve in the valley, then arrive at Baoxing County. Overnight in Jiajinshan Hotel.

D11: Baoxing / Ya’an (B/L/S) Zhougongshan Dreamspa Hotel****

Set off in the morning by cycling, ride downward along Qingyi River, via Lushan County, pay a visit to the street which is mainly about root carving. Then ahead to Shangli Ancient Town by tour bus. After visiting, go to Zhougongshan Dreamspa hotel, and overnight there, which is not far away from Ya’an County. Enjoy the hot spring in the night.

D12: Ya’an / Chengdu (B/L/S) Wenjun Mansion Hotel***

Set off in the morning, back to Chengdu by tour bus, after arriving at Chengdu, pay a visit to Giant Panda Reserve. Then go to hotel, arrange the bicycle equipment. In supper, have a taste the flavor Chengdu food—Yaoshan, which the food cooked with Chinese medicine.

D13: Leave Chengdu (B)

Guide will sent clients to the airport with our special use bus. Happy trip ends.

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Introduce Kham to Whole World

Kham Tibetan Area

Kham Tibetan Area
Located in western Sichuan Province and adjacent to Tibet, Qinghai, and Yunnan Provinces, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture covers an area of 153,002 square kilometers and has Kangding as its capital. Under its jurisdiction are eighteen counties: Kangding, Danba, Dege, Xiangcheng, Shiqu, Daocheng, Sertar, Batang, Luding, and Derong.

Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is one of the three ethnic autonomous prefectures in Sichuan Province. It is situated at the edge of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, and has many famous mountain ranges and rivers, such as Mt. Gongga, Jinsha River, Dadu River, and Yarlong River. All the snowy mountains, plateaus, valleys, and grasslands have created many natural splendid scenic areas, making the region unique and colorful. It is also rich in natural resources such as forests and mineral deposits.

The typical climate here is like that of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and varies with differences in altitude. It is characterized by low temperatures, long winters, little rainfall, and abundant sunshine.

The economic activities in this prefecture vary in different areas, from farming on the plains and river valleys to animal husbandry on the highlands. The forest areas abound with rich timber resources, medicinal herbs, and wild plants and animals. Economic development has proven easier in the areas along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and the Yunnan-Tibet Highway. Other highways connect the eighteen counties of the prefecture.

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