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Motels in Kham area in China

The motels in your mind!


Is there anyone traveled or want to in Western Sichuan, in China?
The Kangding airport will be open in the May, 2008, it is about 40km away from Kangding City, and close to Tagong grassland.
Those motels will provide western breakfast, as coffee, milk, bread, egg. etc. Motels will also provide travelers with bicycles, jeep or motorbikes.
And there will be a small factory for mending the cars, bicycles... It's much more convinient for travelers. All these motels are moded the western motels' style with 4 star class. The name of them is 318 Express Motel.
The motels in the pics are understruction, the one in Danba will be open next year.
The motels will be set up in Danba, Hongyuan, Xinduqiao, Daocheng, Shangri-la, and Bamei....

All friends here are travel lovers, could anyone give some suggetions towards these motels, and make them more comfirtable for we travelers to use! Or tell what kind motels will be the best in your mind!

Xinduqiao 318 Express Motel
Danba 318 Express Motel
Danba 318 Express Motel (night sightseeing)
Hongyuan 318 Express Motel

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Motorbike Tour to Shangri-la, China (I)

The place where you can forget all the unhappiness!


Hope it will be an unforgetable tour of this year. The routine is: Fly to Chengdu-Wolong-Wenchuan-Taoping Qiang Stockaded Village-Gu'er Gou-Markang-Danba-Bamei-Yajiang-Litang-Xiangcheng-Derong-Zhongdian-Lijiang-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Xichang-Shimian-Ya'an-Chengdu-Leave. It's a 21days tour. The most time we will travel in the Tibetan area, to feel the Tibetan folk custom, see the Tibetan monastery, taste the Tibetan food, overnight in the hotel with Tibetan style... Experience many things different from our daily life and the tours we had before.
Maybe we will meet the heavy rain on the road, but we will fly as free as a bird on our motorbikes....
These are two newly bought motorbikes,type-200GY, this type of the motorbike allowes two people.
It's an off-road motorbike, type-ZS250-5.
Checking motorbike before setting off.
Beautiful smile.
Do checkings.
Setting out from Chengdu.
In the city.
Feel cool!
Team leader Heinrich.
Heinrich is a very kind man.
Two ladies in the group.
On the way.

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