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Thank you very much, who give us help in Wenchuan Earthquake 30.5.08
Motorbike Tour to Shangri-la, China (III) 28.11.07
Motorbike Tour to Shangri-la, China (II) 27.11.07
Mt. Nyainqen Tanggula--The God of Grassland 6.11.07
Some photoes about Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base 22.10.07
A Fantastic Off-road Tour in Kham 19.10.07
Motels in Kham area in China 17.10.07
Motorbike Tour to Shangri-la, China (I) 15.10.07
Giant Panda: Theme Tourism (One) 13.8.07
The Close-up of the Giant Panda 13.8.07
Sichuan Flavor Food 12.8.07
The Capital of Sichuan--Chengdu 12.8.07
Tibet -- The Roof of the World 10.8.07
Adventure Bicycle Tour 10.8.07
Introduce Kham to Whole World 10.8.07
Camping-car Travel -Summer Kham Travel 10.8.07